Customer Reviews

Here's what our incredible customers had to say about their experiences with their Backbone:


"I just received my Backbone! I charged it as soon as I took it out of the box and wore it for one full day so far and I really like it... overall I do feel better at the end of the day with the support and posture reminders. Good job Backbone team." - Ryan H.

"The more I use this, the more I like it... Using the Backbone is like mindfulness of posture on steroids. This is so awesome, thanks!" - Tom M.

"I received my backbone and am VERY pleased and happy with the product... The backbrace by itself has already helped me pull my shoulders back and improve my standing posture without being in a posture session!" - Christopher M.

I really like it, and I hope these guys stick with it, because it seems like a lot of additional useful functionality could be added to the app in the future." - Billy H.